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Computer Jobs

In our computer-based, service-oriented economy, computer jobs are the cornerstone. The specific areas of work and associated salaries and wages vary, but it is an area where government projections indicate about 13 percent growth from 2016 to 2016. Even with the fast-paced evolution of computer technology, workers who keep on top of trends and their education and training up to date can expect a solid future.

The Variety of Computer Jobs

Computer and information technology jobs include research, which is likely to expand as data science-related jobs expand. Fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence are just now finding practical purposes, which will lead to new questions about how to use them. Computer network architects will handle standard corporate and public networks and add Internet of Things (IoT) networking, support for virtual reality and other high-speed networking, and increased use of wireless networking.

Salary and Commute

With the wide variety of types of work, computer jobs salary expectations can vary from around $50,000 to as much as $150,000 and more. The work environment varies considerably too. Working at computer jobs from home is now common, with employees scattered around the country and the world. Those who do commute often have flexible hours and amenities at work that help to encourage the creative and active componentworking with computers, rather than just having various types of desk jobs. Entry level computer jobs tend to be office-based, but possibly just for a training period.

Computer Support Jobs

In addition to computer research, design and production work, information technology jobs also include computer support specialist positions to help workers of all kinds use their technology resources effectively. The computer support job description can range from a telephone-based help center position or similar computer support jobs from home to a computer support specialist who arrives on-site to assist with hardware-related problems. These roles also apply increasingly to smart home and home theater applications, which are just as complex and demanding as business-related computing, if not more so because of the diverse technologies involved.

The demand for computer jobs tracks the broad and changing use of computer technologies. Workers can put their basic computer skills as well as their constantly evolving specialized knowledge to work just about anywhere.

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